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...are frightening little buggers, IMHO. Once again I'm happy to live in the Pacific Northwest where most of the woodland beasties are fairly harmless, at least on this side of the mountains. Unless you're vegetation (not to be confused with vegetarian) you're probably not in too much danger from slug bites.

They sort of fascinate me, though - scorpions. I seem to remember a short story once-upon-a-time - Ursula Le Guin, maybe - talking about "straw-colored death" in the guise of a little scorpion. Interestingly to me, many of the descriptive anatomical terms are same as those for humans - I would never have guessed that scorpions have femurs, patellae, tibiae, tarsae... mind you, the actual features so named look nothing like the H. sap. sap. versions as far as I can tell. But I am young in the ways of insect anatomy. The term for the stinger is telson, so I've learned a cool new word here, too.

I don't think I'd ever keep one as a pet. I prefer pets I can, well, pet. Mammalcentric, that's me.

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