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WHOC & the "war" surrounding xmas - Terrafactive Armageddon

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December 21st, 2005

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07:02 am - WHOC & the "war" surrounding xmas
I've decided to simply wish people a "Happy WHOC," for Winter Holiday of Choice.

Today's mine. Good Yule and Happy Solstice to all! I for one am more than ready to hail the return of the sun.

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Date:December 22nd, 2005 01:34 am (UTC)


Take that, Jerry Falwell.

KEXP started playing "themed" music around 3 pm: songs that talk about darkness and light. So you get "Dark Entries" from Bauhaus and "The Inner Light" from the Beatles, then go from Johnny Cash to Death Cab for Cutie. Which is exactly the way I like my radio.

As a Scandinavian-American, I'm fond of "Good Yule" which is the English translation of the typical Swedish greeting, Gott Yule.

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