Joy (cithra) wrote,


My Powerbook crashed this morning around 2 a.m. It is currently visiting the Mac Store for repairs.

This is irksome because there were several emails I was planning on answering this morning that I no longer have access to, grump. So my apologies to those folks. I may even have to use the -gasp- telephone to confirm some plans.

Speaking of which, I have a new unit, and rather than laboriously mis-type everyone's telephone number it would be handy for me if people phoned me up and then I can save their numbers into my contacts without the risk of error. It's all about me :)

I had other things I wanted to write as well but I am finding myself exhausted and brain-befuzzed. Perhaps I will recall it later and make myself a note - this computer is down in the basement, so it's not quite as easy to have a flash of thought and sit down to write about it.

I did get a couple of things on my to-do list done today, at least.

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