Joy (cithra) wrote,

table talk

Fun day yesterday with grouchychris and faintheart, cjot and uly. Breakfast in Fauntleroy, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang downtown - no, the Specimen song didn't seem to figure in the film, alas. I liked the film - thought it did a good job of subverting the tropes without getting too over-the-top. Big-time Raymond Chandler homage, with just enough tongue-in-cheek.

We stopped by Espresso Ulysses for a snack, and then decamped to set up an impromptu laptop LAN party in the living-room, whereupon the Kobold Liberation Army proceeded to wreak fear and havoc (or at least mild expressions of surprise) among the denizens of the darker crannies of Nexus.

And then, to bed.

Edited to add:

We saw a preview for a flm called Looking For Comedy in the Muslim World, an Albert Brooks movie. I can see why they are having trouble with distribution. It looks like it has the potential to be funny, but just on the edge of people's discomfort level as well. The conceit is that to understand a culture you need to know what makes its members laugh - so Mr. Brooks is assigned by the government to visit Pakistan and India in order to discover what their people find funny. I'm really kind of curious to see it, but I really can't wait to see what, if anything, the marketing folks end up doing to promote it. It's one of those lovely recursive cycles where the manner in which something is said carries as much information as the content...

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