Joy (cithra) wrote,

charitable bias

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) season is here again. CFC is a way for Feds to donate to charity by having money taken out of their pay directly, with the added bonus of spreading the cost over the year instead of giving one lump sum. There is a pledge card to fill out where you can designate what organizations you would like your funds to go to, you can choose up to five. There is a booklet & web page that lists all of the codes for the varying places you can donate.

If you care to, you might remember me pitching a fit a year or so back when I noticed that Amnesty International was not on the list of designees. It may or may not have been the same fit where I complained about the addition of a clause in the requirements for being listed regarding having to certify you and yours weren't helping agents of the wah-an-terraah (not the easiest thing to prove in the best of cases). Standard stupid government shit, like not paying for abortions, not listing health plans that cover abortions, and doing their damned best to make coverage of birth-control nearly impossible to qualify for. You know the routine.

This year, Doctors Without Borders has disappeared from the designee list. But feel free to donate to any of the four groups dedicated to the preservation of U.S. Civil War battlefield sites, instead. After all, those doctors - they'll treat just anybody!

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