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There is always some weirdness in riding the bus midday. Today's was being tailed across several transfers by this older guy who kept staring at me with a vaguely irked look on his face.

These were not planned transfers either. In fact, the one was when we had to swap coaches for some reason down by the stadium. I was riding the 22, because I had just missed the 21, and figured I'd transfer at 35th and Avalon. Well, tiring of being watched, I got off at Luna Park instead, and got myself a cup of coffee and settled in to wait for the 21. About fifteen minutes later, I climb on the 21. Two stops later, same guy gets on and sets to -- what? Crankiest damn leer I've ever seen, if that's what it was.

Anyway, I was paranoid enough to watch the bus go on up the street after I got off, but perhaps he decided he had better things to do. Or it truly was the coincidental and perverse humor of the universe, playing with someone overly sensitive to details. Besides, I'm home, which multiplies my options by several orders of magnitude.

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