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getting published

It's kind of a delightful surprise to stumble across a neatly bound copy of a song you've written, issued as part of a series of kobold-penned work.

Some background:
One of my characters on Nexus (persistent-world multi-player NeverWinter Nights server) is a kobold named Neeki. Nexus players are encouraged to further their role-playing outside of the game by making in-character posts in the associated forums. Neeki has pretensions of being a bard, although his reach occasionally exceeds his grasp, especially since his grasp of Common, in particular, leaves something to be desired.

In any case, one of the coolest things about the Nexus server is how much work the DMs put into incorporating events and items from adventures, role-playing, and forum posts into the fabric of the world - especially in terms of server content. There is a library in the city, and books are among the items you will find as treasure - and you may very well find yourself meeting one of the authors, either player or NPC.

So I'd written a little poem, as Neeki, and posted it on the forums. One of his "things" is his hero-worship for another kobold character, and he's working on this hugely epic song/tale for-and-about him - one of those largely-unfinished projects writers (or those who fancy themselves such) tend to haul around with them, but never quite complete to their satisfaction. I posted this as an experimental foray for him into writing in Common, as he is trying to decide which language is the more appropriate for his masterwork.

I got a serious kick of pleasure when one of my other characters discovered the poem/song had been 'published' in book form and was circulating about the lands. By which I mean I found a copy in the game, placed as random loot. It's the sort of thing the DMs have done in the past - other songs and tales from events or the forums are floating around in book form, in the library or as loot - but I hadn't even had a hint that it was in the works. Apparently it was part of a new "print run" since there are a number of other releases of new works now findable as well.

About the best kind of praise out there, for a novice bard, really. I continue to be delighted.

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