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Octavia Butler has a new novel out: Fledgling. One presumes it is a vampire novel, and I can't wait to see what she does with it. The volume leapt at me vigorously and refused to not be purchased. The problem with going into bookstores to kill time before the bus comes is it tends to kill the wallet as well. China Meiville's Looking for Jake and a book of NY Times crosswords also forced themselves upon me, alas.

I was going to ask mcjulie if she was going to be in town for Foolscap this weekend, but I'm pretty sure the answer is yes since she's on about 70% of the panels...

I'd like to want to go to Foolscap. There are lots of people on panels I'd like to see; there will be plenty more just there. But I don't have the energy for the extra effort required due to not being part of the clique. Which is a pity, because it's a cool notion of how to run an event. If I want to be ignored and ostracized, though, I can go lots of places and get it for free. Ok, it won't have the extra added piquancy of being done by folks who are theoretically "my people" but neither will I have to take a bus-ride to Bellevue. The guys who write & draw Penny Arcade will be there Friday and Saturday.

I've compartmentalized things and given Magister Ludi aka The Glass Bead Game another try. I really am enjoying it. The sex-segregation aspect of the Order combined with some of their described practices are strongly reminiscent of descriptions of monastic life, and I'm sure the reference is deliberate. So maybe having women be part of the Order as well would have weakened the story - I don't know, being still only about half way through the book.

The orthodontistry today was fairly minor - though it sounds like I'm only a few months away from going to the periodontist for the implant. Next session will be a painful one - a bunch of re-bracketing, which means things being yanked in new and exciting directions, ouch. Still gave me a headache, though, so I came home afterward. Ibuprofen is my friend.

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