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Wild Flowers last night was wonderful - though where the reviewer found 'vampire lovers rollick by night in a church' I couldn't tell you - and if your schedule is such that you can get a ticket to the 4:30 p.m. screening today, go for it.

Met up with Kirsti and Jherek for this, and it was one of those things that worked out strange but well - we'd been emailing and she mentioned wanting to be in line around 6:00 p.m. (for the 7 pm show) in order to be able to score an aisle seat. [She has a proto-small-child, due in early July, camping out on her bladder at the moment, so these things become important.] I figured I'd meander up the hill after work and catch up with her in line.

So I stopped by Aurafice and got some coffee, then wandered off and grabbed the #7 down to the Harvard Exit (lazy Joy, no biscuit). Where I managed to secure the first spot in line, of all things - for the ticket holders line, granted. But still, I think I was the first person in queue in any of the three lines that will form for a SIFF show - pass holders, ticket holders, or ticket buyers. I was afraid K & J would end up further back in line where it snaked around the corner, and miss me by virtue of not walking the whole length; I left a message on their cell phone and figured if nothing else, I'd stake us out aisle seats and hope they were in an acceptable part of the theatre.

Traffic being what it is, however, it turned out my spot was exceptionally serendipitous. A couple of minutes after they took the pass holders inside, Kirsti arrived - and Jherek was at that point still parking the car. So all was well. Jherek arrived well before they let our line in, we got our aisle seats without trouble, and still had plenty of time to catch up chatting before the start of the film.

As I said above, I really liked it - it's based on what sounds like a set of old ballads, and the music was very intriguing. These are fairy tales in the old sense, grim as the original Grimm's, speaking of death and love and ill-thought-out wishes...

The soundtrack and the book upon which the film is based are available, it seems...

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