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too cool! - Terrafactive Armageddon

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August 10th, 2005

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11:00 am - too cool!
Via Creek Running North, who is the current host, I have discovered the Tangled Bank, which bills itself as:
Welcome to the Tangled Bank, a version of the "Carnival of the Vanities" for science bloggers. A Carnival is a weekly showcase of good weblog writing, selected by the authors themselves (that's the vanity part). Every other week, one of our crew will highlight a collection of interesting weblog articles in one convenient place, making it easy for everyone to find the good stuff.

Two things will distinguish us from the original "Carnival of the Vanities": 1) we are specifically restricting ourselves to articles in the field of science and medicine, very broadly defined, and 2) we've got a different name. Our weekly compendium of great science weblog articles will be called the Tangled Bank, after Charles Darwin's famous metaphor.

sculpin, did you tell me about this once upon a time? If not I think you'd like it... I like the whole 'carnival of x' idea, too. Hurrah, another form of community blossoms on the web! *happy dance of information sharing*

Note: when you go look at CRN's site, if you go today, give it a bit of loading time - his sever is getting hammered. I suppose that is the downside of offering to host one of these carnival do-wops.

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