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shopping trumphant

Spent much of yesterday with faintheart and Mom - just visiting. We took a drive out eastward; it cleared up and was really nice.

We wound up on Cougar Mountain, where my great-aunt lived when I was small. This was back when Issaquah was the back-end of nowhere rather than the booming bedroom community it is today. We found the area where my Aunt Devota and Uncle Ralph used to live (this is on my mother's side, so that would be Ralph Hoggan, not Ralph Ralph) - not surprisingly under development. However, I think the exact plot is untouched as yet, although it looked like it was being prepped or used as staging. Their driveway was quite steep and then had a funny hook-turn in it; I'm 90% certain I am correct about it, based on its relation to the little creek and the intersection. I was wishing for a GPS with maps.

The shopping coup came when we stopped at Target to get something to drink. I checked the hair products for the Neutrogena 60-second Hair Repair conditioner (that I really like, and that seems to have been discontinued) and they had four bottles! So I grabbed them, they are mine!

I know it's not as much to get excited over as a trip to Lush... *grin* But I don't like to wear scents, doubly so anything fruity or flowery that might smell attractive to flying stinging things. It's definitely part of the phobic thing - that jump and scream you may have witnessed is reflexive, so all I can really do is try to minimize the cause.

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