Joy (cithra) wrote,

it's IROSF publication weekend!

So I'm not entirely chained to the computer, but I need to keep an eye on things, so to speak.

The RO thingy yesterday went pretty well, IMuHO. We get to do it all again in a month, but I think I mentioned that.

Um, look - the most exciting thing I did yesterday that wasn't work-related was buy cat-food. I'm rarely at my best in summer, what with the sun trying to turn me into a crisp, the heat turning me into a lizard, and the late afternoon nap-attacks becoming extra difficult to resist. And here we are on the threshold of August, which is so often one long melting heat glare, like the packet of Pocky I got last week that had turned into one giant pocky with multiple cookie-ends. It's the month I could become the most utterly crepuscular, bimodal sleep cycle and all.

Mmm--nap. What a capital idea.

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