Joy (cithra) wrote,

pleasant yesterday

Mellow breakfast at the Celtic Swell down on Alki - well, mellow before and after the parking search, which actually wasn't terribly tension-fraught but required the most effort of the expedition. The soda bread there is really good.

After that, we wandered through the classic car exhibition over across the way on the -- well, if there were boards, it would be a boardwalk. Let us say the promenade. The classic car exhibition over on the promenade was part of Seafair, apparently, although I didn't see any amphibious vehicles. The closest thing was a Jeep, not so much amphibious as water-resistant.

Lots of really nice machinery, though, painted lots of pretty colors. Some of the cars there were meticulously restored to as close to factory default as possible (right down to the sales tickets and the shipping stickers) while others had been detailed, chopped, modded, and so forth. Yet another subculture of fascination.

Then we came home, and the other folks packed up to go see the Island, but I was having a nap attack, so I did that instead. Also I've been spending most of my screen time playing on Nexus, and while there are a number of movies out that I want to have seen, I haven't had the will yet to actually sit down and see them.

Speaking of nap attack, I may wander back to bed here in a bit, just because I can. I have to cherish the few insomnia-free days I have, you know.

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