Joy (cithra) wrote,

this week - still sucking

Better externally, so-so internally.

sharkins stopped by to visit the other night, that was nice.

Read Harry Potter 6 today, found it decent enough. This one had less of what felt like Giant Plot Obstacles, or maybe the story just resonated better with the times. Some nice coming-of-age bits. Makes me wish I knew a bit more about how UK school operate in terms of grade levels.

It never fails - I always want the expensive toys. If there are two versions of something, usually the more expensive is the version that will have the one feature I find indespensable. GPS units, for example - I want one with rechargeable batteries. So apparently I want to pay a hundred dollars or so extra. Although I suppose what I should do is cost out how much batteries of the non-rechargeable variety would cost over a period of time, and see how long it would take to go though that extra hundred bucks or so in batteries...

What else - oh, they did more braces stuff post-cleaning yesterday, I now have a faux tooth in the giant space where the implant will go. I still think my teeth look bizarre, but I imagine I always will. It's just a normal incisor, no.

Which gave me a post-procedural all-over body ache thing today. Yay. But I have complained about that enough other places.

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