Joy (cithra) wrote,

the best laid plans of mice...

I have gotten the word - I did not get the IDRS job (the one I'm doing).

I can't even be pissed, because 1)it is going to someone I know and like, 2)she'd be out on the street with a RIF letter next week otherwise, and 3)since she was on the CTAP list she has precedence if she is qualified, period. I know she's qualified, because I've worked with her since pretty much day 1; she was my coach when I first got hired on back in the fall of 1994. [She's also held this particular position for a couple of years before, too.] She's more qualified than I am even if she didn't have CTAP preference as a head start.

On the other hand, they did give me a special act award for my trouble. It's a cash award, yes - but the really meaningful part is that the Area Director increased the amount from what Doug originally requested. That's unheard of - usually those folks are the ones cutting back award amounts. It's pretty clear I'm known and appreciated, even by the People In Charge, which is pretty cool.

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