Joy (cithra) wrote,

a bonny weekend

I cooked vegetarian chili that turned out really well, spice-wise. Really, though, just cooking and having it come out pleasingly is novel. I'm very much a get-it-done type of cook, and when I try to do anything with any kind of flair it tends to come out ...odd. Not bad, necessarily, just not usually very good either.

A fluctuating group of us went geocaching and we picked a fairly difficult one to try. We failed entirely to find the first way point on the first day - though we did find the taunt. Yesterday we went back, armed with a clue from the maker (as far as I can tell, no one has managed to make headway on this one without at least one nudge from him) and finally found it. It being the coordinates to WP #2 - which I found! *bow* It also was cleverly hidden, and I probably would have missed it completely if not for a clue in one of the log entries on the geocaching web site. Then we broke for lunch at what I guessed was WP #3 but which turned out to be WP #4 - I had to leave while the group went to and collected the information from #3. 4 was another stumper, though. So we'll have to go back and hunt some more. Nothing beats that "aha!" feeling of finding something like an extremely well-hidden way point.

I was made for geocaching - I still remember the best birthday celebration I had as a child involved a treasure hunt through the house to find a number of small gifts. I don't remember what the gifts were, but I do remember the excitement of finding the clues and figuring out what they meant. Hooked for life...

Oh, and as an aside to Cloud and Bikko, if they see this: patch away. 1.66 is now required as a result of the fixes applied to the crashing bug.

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