Joy (cithra) wrote,

one emergency ortho appointment later...

The coil from my braces came off, so I had to go in and get it replaced today. Pretty painless, but it did take a chunk out of an already busy day. However it spared me the time to stop in and pick up my laptop from the shop.

The good news is it was all under warranty - the bad news is nothing on the drive was recoverable. Which means I hope bluejack has been keeping the copies of the contracts I've been forwarding him. I imagine he has, he seems the data-packrat sort. Time to get even more distributed in my file storage, I guess.

I also bought a travel sleeve, so I can stop using the bubble-wrap the thing arrived in as such.

I guess tonight's project will be digging out or re-downloading and reinstalling various pieces of software. Perhaps I'll look into a .Mac account after all.

Right, back to cross-checking fiscal crap.

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