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the rewards of patience (with a nod to sculpin) - Terrafactive Armageddon

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June 14th, 2005

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08:09 am - the rewards of patience (with a nod to sculpin)
I am prone to trust what might be called my intuition largely because the further accretion of data usually bears it out. So what if it takes a few years? (Heh - I realized just now that this is abstract enough a description that it's probably easily misconstrued into being a much broader reference than it was originally meant to be.)

I'm less coherent than I'd like to be from spending the night at the sleep lab. I slept fine, considering, but it wasn't terribly refreshing sleep. In a couple of weeks I go back to discuss the results - that should be the fun part. I only kicked the sensors off twice, that I remember.

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