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The laptop is finally in the shop, I should have it back in a week or so. I can get to my zipcon mail and am caught up on it. I have only managed to get to my gothhouse mail once, and I couldn't do much with it at that point because I have forgotten everything about unix mail I used to know, pine isn't installed, and I have no cogent memory of what is. All my IROSF mail is stacked on that server, I haven't tried to do anything with it yet because it's probably best off staying there right now.

Tonight I am at Swedish hospital having my sleep studied. This ought to be supremely entertaining, if they ever let me see the tapes. Not to mention embarrassing, but if I can't laugh at myself by now...

On the way home from the Mac Shop, we stopped at the UW bookstore so I could get a copy of The Algebraist, a new Iain M. Banks book. Bless Dwayne, they had two copies on the shelf - and, AND there was the delightful surprise of Raw Spirit - Mr. Banks and various friends criss-crossing Scotland, touring distilleries in search of "the perfect dram". I had no idea the book even existed, and it's a complete riot as well as an immensely fascinating look at the art and industry of distilling. Am I the only person who is thrilled to find evidence of kindred-taste in my most admired artists? He's partial to Islay. *nod*

So I came home with not one, but TWO new Banks books, hurrah. The Algebraist I put on hold for tonight, as part of the instructions were "bring a book".

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