Joy (cithra) wrote,


My hard-drive is apparently toast. Or toasty, but in either case this is making my life difficult in all sorts of ways. Not the least of which being I have an issue of IROSF to get out by tomorrow evening. Thank the stars for my co-editors and their blessed, blessed self-sufficiency.

Then of course I have apparently managed to forget the password to my actual primary email account. Or I've completely forgotten how to operate a command line interface, one of the two. I really hope it is the former.

So... email is not the best way to get in touch at the moment. Some kind of post on LJ here is probably pretty likely to get seen, though. Bonus is I can get to LJ from work, should I have the time at least.

grouchychris, what on earth did you say to my computer last night when you were borrowing it? rjl20, I may be in desperate need of some forensic data recovery consulting in the not too distant future...

There is a huge difference between not getting the hang of Thursdays and not getting the hang of, oh, June say. Argh.

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