Joy (cithra) wrote,

Breakfast yesterday at the Salish Lodge & Spa, which is the Snoqualmie Falls lodge to those of us who don't have to worry about corporate naming conventions. Sometimes it is nice to be over-catered-to, and they did it in a most pleasant fashion; the view from the dining room is truly spectacular, even from across the space. At first I wished we had been seated next to the windows, but then I realized that my tendency to vertigo made it just as well that we were not.

I had my very own coffee server who was most attentive; the coffee service itself included 'vanilla infused heavy whipped cream' and a mixture of white & dark chocolate shavings in addition to the standard sugar, faux sugars, and half-and-half. (ok, in all honesty if my companions had been drinking anything besides water I probably would have had to share my coffee provider with them, but as it was it was charmingly all about me.)

Afterward we went down to the overlook, which I took a while to recognize since it has been remodeled, with the addition of a gift shop/espresso stand, paved parking lot, etc. The actual gazebo at the overlook is the same, though, with the same plaque about the "cavity generation station" that has always sort of mystified me. It must be an adjective, despite how much it feels like a direct object to me when I read it - they aren't generating cavities, I don't believe, but electricity - and cavity generation must be a variation on method, perhaps different from turbine generation or some such. Easy to figure that out now, as an adult with a smattering of engineering knowledge, but as a child when I first saw it, it was one of those instances where the context indicated it made sense, and the individual bits taken separately made sense, and even the whole idea made a certain sort of sense - but it was also clear that the sort of sense the whole made initially to me was NOT the one intended, and I didn't have enough knowledge to guess a further context in which the whole would make the kind of sense intended.

Then we had a nice drive back along Lake Samamish and repaired to our various domiciles, where I had a nap with the cat, who has reproachfully decided this heat is all my fault. But she still wants to sit by me, so she will lie down a ways off and then s-t-r-e-a-t-c-h out until her tail is across my wrist, or her back is just touching my leg. Woe be it unto me if I need to move, though that is pretty usual year-round.

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