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pet peeve; a cranky local snarks back

Dear Not-from-around-here,

Recently you responded to some local observation with the old saw that "where [you] come from" things are different, to some usually worse degree.

Yes, and I notice that you happen to be here now.

Presumably there were some reasons you left your former abode in paradise; some of them may even bear on the situation to which you are currently applying the above criteria. It's no comfort to be told life is harder somewhere else; if it is whining and weak for me to lodge a complaint about local conditions, how is it noble and uplifting for you to complain about my complaint?

I'm sure the place(s) you vacated would welcome you back with open arms if you really miss their versions of bad traffic, bad weather, etc. so much that you can't stand to hear local folks express their unhappiness with current conditions.


Irrationally Irritated PNW Webfoot

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