Joy (cithra) wrote,

Breakfast at Endolyne Joe's with Gary, faintheart, andamnotsurly, where we lingered over coffee, the second volume of Age of Bronze, and wargames discussion.

Parting ways from Gary, the rest of us then journeyed to Frye's where I finally indulged myself in the Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner. If I have to vacuum up dead ants and cat hair every day then I'd like a machine that won't die after a year. One actually designed for what I intend to do with it is even better. A two year warranty implies as well that the planned obsolescence timeline is at least somewhat extended.

We discussed flying kites, but it was raining and I dislike playing lightning rod. We dispersed to our various domiciles and I disappeared into the graphic novel. Now I'm trying to convince myself that food sounds good.

Oh, somewhere in there I roasted some coffee as well.

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