Joy (cithra) wrote,

'zine lineage

The panel at Scavenging the Future I attended was pretty interesting. I'd never thought about it, but apparently science fiction fanzines were the earliest of the breed, starting back in the '30s. Somewhere along in the '50s and '60s people started doing fanzines about rock and roll and other subcultures, and things took off from there.

It wasn't really mentioned but there is a strong element of DIY in the subcultures that seem to produce the most 'zine-work. In SF, for example, anyone can pick up a pen, and the not-so-secret desire to be a writer lives in the hearts of many who don't get even that far. The same goes for the types of music that inspires zine making, I would say - rock or punk or any of that. The bootstrap element, the mustang who rises through the ranks; artistic endeavors where ability and results matter more than training or pedigree.

The panel's focus was a bit more concrete, though they did sort of dance close to the idea of why anyone would put such effort into these sorts of labors of love. The creative urge in service to the desire to connect with a like-minded community - which reminded me of something Chuck Palahniuk said at his reading the other night, about how writing gave him permission to be incredibly social, to hang out with people and listen to their stories. That's a new viewpoint for me, but I'm aware as well that as an introvert, it is pretty easy for me to get my fill of casual interaction with people...

Afterwards I hooked up with Ted and Mom for dinner at the Chinese Wok, most delicious. Now I'm home and contemplating a walk in the rain. Well, mostly contemplating a walk, which would perforce be in the rain at the moment, that is.

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