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shadows and fire - Terrafactive Armageddon

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May 14th, 2005

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06:38 am - shadows and fire
I went with grouchychris last night to the ZAPP benefit performance The Albatross, to see amnotsurly's shadow puppets. They were fantastic, especially the ships. The performance was a little rough, but that's in keeping with the DIY aesthetic of the ZAPP crew; not to mention that taking on a seven-part poem in archaic voice as a shadow play for a fundraiser is ambitious enough to merit some respect on its own.

The puppets were amazing. I had seen some of them as works-in-progress, but only a few, and none of the colored ones. The green ice they encounter, for example, was a gorgeous luminous emerald, quite striking. Also, in spite of having seen a number of shadow puppets, this was the first proper performance I'd seen of shadow puppetry (that I can recall, at least, other than some snippets in movies). It's possible to achieve some fairly sophisticated effects.

After the puppets and a break, there was some fire-spinning done. One of the performers was quite adept - he also looked very familiar, I think I have seen him at local festivals or something. Unfortunately, there were three performers and only two credits given in the program - these things happen, but it does leave me curious.

So it is true - what amnotsurly said, if you could have attended and didn't, it is a sad thing. He got many well-deserved accolades, and it was a lot of fun. It seemed well attended, and I hope ZAPP accumulated some funds.

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