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notes to self (of possible general interest) - Terrafactive Armageddon

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May 13th, 2005

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10:10 am - notes to self (of possible general interest)
  • CHUCK PALAHNIUK next Wednesday
    7:30 p.m. Wed., May 18. $5. Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave., 206-624-6600 for tickets. (uly, I got ours.)

  • Cheese Festival this weekend, Pike Place Market

  • SIFF tickets are on sale. Howl's Moving Castle (SOLD OUT sigh), Malfunkshun: the Andrew Wood Story, Punk: Attitude, 2046, Arvo Part "24 Preludes for a Fugue", Drive Well Sleep Carefully, The Gits, Layer Cake, Last Days, Police Beat, R-Point, Strings, Touch the Sound, Two Great Sheep, Vital, Izo, Kings of the Sky, & The Animated Guide to Life are some of the ones I am considering.

  • Snoqualmie Falls trip with mom 28th May? or thereabouts

  • stuff

Edited 15:38 to add-- bolded movies are ones for which I currently have tickets.

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