Joy (cithra) wrote,

Audioslave and so forth

Right now (~4:30 a.m.) the light looks like something Dali would paint.

[see amnotsurly, a perfectly legitimate time of day to use crepuscular, and i didn't. Oh, oops.]

It's almost worth the not sleeping. Oh, there go the birds - I will always have flashbacks at dawn birdsong, I believe, to Vikingcon 6, my first proper convention and the first time I'd ever stayed up all night simply without meaning to. Sitting in one of the stacks lounges in Fairhaven, chatting with I-can't-possibly-remember-whom - the layout of the location being such that the sudden chirping of birds made me realize it was far far later (or rather earlier) than it seemed.

The Audioslave show was fantastic, even if I did end up standing around long enough that my entire body aches. They were kind enough (a mixed blessing in my case) to convert all the original Moore tickets to main floor when they moved the show to the Paramount. So I was not in the balcony after all. They had set the place in the ballroom configuration, which was interesting to see - and prevented the kind of nonsense that got us kicked out of the 5th Avenue after the Nick Cave show. I staked out a corner of the middle left made by a jog in the barrier between the floor and the mobility impaired seating and was pretty much left to myself - yes, with enough space around me to be comfortable, except for the occasional person jumping over the barrier who would miscalculate and make me dodge out from under them. I only actually got landed on once, not a bad record all told.

The opening band, Jonny Polonsky, was eerily familiar, and not just because I finally figured out they reminded me of the Replacements. I think he/they must have gotten some airplay on KEXP over the years or something, because there is really nowhere else I can think of I would have learned the music...

Poking around hither and yon finds me reference that Chris Cornell has been fighting laryngitis, which explains why his vocals were a touch off at first - I suspect mr. rock star of neglecting his warm-ups and smoking - but it was just a touch, especially for a rock show. By the time he did the encore solo acoustic version of Black Hole Sun (dedicated to his wife Vicki, just off-stage) as well as the first verse of Call me a Dog, any strain was gone. Like a Stone was dedicated to his babysitting mother-in-law. They also played a couple of Rage Against the Machine songs, which was interesting - I guess they lifted the moratorium on back-catalog as a whole, since they did Outshined and Spoon Man as well.

I suppose a discussion of such an event wouldn't be complete without a mention of how it boggles my mind how very unlike other people who are touched by the things I am touched by I find myself. Watching the line before going in (if I had stood in it the entire time I'd be one giant knot of broken-ness) and watching the crowd inside... and listening to the various conversations around me - well, we're ostensibly the same species, and enamored enough of the same music to endure some privation to hear it, but that's about it for congruency. Strange.

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