Joy (cithra) wrote,

I'd just like to point out how we are fulfilling our destiny to be the Policemen of the Planet, rushing to put troops on the ground in North Korea and Iran because of the strong possibility they have WMDs, or the capability to make them, or seem to be determined to make them, or...

What, we're not? But, but - more than tubes that might be turned into weapons, more than simply the notion of possibly buying some spam-advertised yellowcake, there are actually identified fissionable materials involved! There'd be no time-wasting searching around looking for mobile biochem labs, or hidden secrets and fortresses - we could just drive right up to the reactor facilities.

Huh. You'd almost think that was a bug, not a feature. I suppose it is far less of an adventure to go after a set of knowns than it is to run around playing treasure hunt.

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