Joy (cithra) wrote,

I think I mentioned picking up an omnibus edition of Jane Austen's novels a while back. I've been spending a fair bit of the current convalescence reading them. Yesterday I reached Emma, which was the first Austen I ever picked up - and I was reminded why for the longest time I thought I didn't care for Austen's writing. It wasn't the writing, as it turns out, but the characters.

I have a fault when it comes to stories, regardless of the medium they inhabit: if I don't like or sympathize with any of the characters, I have a hard time enjoying the work. The immediate comparison between Emma and Pride and Prejudice or Mansfield Park proved to me pretty clearly that I was annoyed with Emma because I was annoyed with Emma, not with Jane Austen herself.

So in retrospect it was a bad idea for me to be introduced to the author via that particular work, due entirely to quirks in my own character.

[Yes, I can definitely see the effects of a steady diet of Austen on my writing, as well.]

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