Joy (cithra) wrote,

threading the needle

On the subject of things one is good at but prefers to avoid it appears that despite the intervening years I would still "make someone a fine wife someday." High praise from the quarter whence it originated...

Wait, wait - no, back up. If we firmly shut the steamer trunks of the past and shove them off a precipice into the nearest handy abyss, I have to confess I'm rather proud that I can still put a needle and thread to advantage when so moved.

I have a lovely wine-colored velvet frock coat that I bought used several years ago. It came with holes in both the pocket linings (one safety-pinned into tolerable submission, the other completely unusable) and a loose button. I caught the button trying to high-tail it off to further adventures and stashed it, but that of course gave the other buttons ideas, and they soon became loosened themselves.

Since it's become nigh-perfect weather for this coat, every time I put it on the loose buttons were fractiously irksome. So this afternoon when I returned home from work, I fetched the stray, then sat down and mended the coat. Four buttons and two pocket linings later, all is as good as new - if not better, since my thread is a much better color match.

I was originally just going to put the one button back on, but then the others were loose, and the threads wouldn't have all matched... so I had to take the three remaining off and re-attach them properly.

Even funnier was how easy it was to slip into full-on teacher mode - uly and I were chatting about button-sewing while I was working, and I was instantly "see, here's how you do this, and then there's this trick where you do that..."

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