Joy (cithra) wrote,

today is going to be interesting

I was poking around the Republic of Pemberley (I doubt I would call myself obsessed with things Austen, as the following will illustrate) and I couldn't remember if I had read Pride and Prejudice, or if I simply knew the story. So on my way to the dentist I picked up an omnibus copy of her novels, and proceeded to discover I had not.

So that's what I did yesterday. And last night. And no, other than my mighty disconcerting nap after work, I have not been to bed. And while I am not sleepy, I can tell that I am tired from physical symptoms. I truly hope I'm not called upon to do anything that requires much in the way of dexterity today.

Next up: Sense and Sensibility, if for no other reason that I'm a freak, and reading P&P, the second novel in the collection, before having read the first one S&S was bugging me. I know it makes no sense, but there you go. I hate to start in the middle of anything - apparently I even hate the appearance of starting in the middle of something. *snort*

So, a tired Joy with a head full of Jane Austen - recipe for trouble? Only time will tell.

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