Joy (cithra) wrote,

happy anniversary to me!

Today is my year anniversary at my current job. I guess I can't call it my new job anymore. I still like it, which has got to be a record. Actually it about ties with my Library Tech job in terms of longevity - and I left that gig not because I became unhappy but because my position became un-funded.

I know it is a function of the depression that I find it so odd to be fairly happy most of the time, any more. So it is odd in a good way. It almost makes me feel like I'm slacking, as things go easier...

I keep catching movement out of the corner of my eye - it is the slow-motion aerial ballet of people washing the Expeditors building. Yup, they are doing more than just the windows. There are three of them all together at one level, and they all sway back and forth in unison, then the period of one of them will diverge, then they'll be done with their current bit and rappel in unison down to the next level.

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