Joy (cithra) wrote,

Feefty theengs about meeeee...

Composed for the most part whilst waiting in line for Asoka. Edited for spelling and annotations 6/2/2002 in response to faintheart's comment.

  1. I have a near-eidetic memory for words. Alas, I can see the word, but I can't always say it. [Ed. note: In addition (see below) I have mild dyslexia, so I don't always 'see' the correct spelling. I'd orginally spelled this "edidic".]

  2. I have kept a journal since I was 12.

  3. I have 5 canine teeth (versus the usual 4).

  4. I used to weigh 345 lbs. I now weigh 185 lbs, after gastric bypass surgery. My general opinion of humanity has suffered much thereby.

  5. I can be credulous to a fault.

  6. I hate the phone. I would rather email or talk in person.

  7. I have been tacitly suicidal the majority of my adult cognizance.

  8. I tell left from right using the birthmark on the back of my right hand.

  9. I think my middle name (Marie) is boring.

  10. I would rather write than have sex. Sometimes.

  11. Irritation brings out my eloquence.

  12. I am exceptionally stubborn about a minority of things. I have been known to cut off my nose to spite my face on occasion.

  13. I like cats better than humans, in general.

  14. Vampires bore me.

  15. I play Diablo II, Lord of Destruction entirely too much. About 5 days out of 7....

  16. Hypocrisy pisses me off the most; people who make unvalidated assumptions piss me off nearly as much. It's a close contest.

  17. I think time is more valuable than money.

  18. My feet are Very Tiny for my stature. Someone will remark on this approximately once a week.

  19. Movies are one of the few things I learned to love from my Dad. We didn't have a lot in common...

  20. My favorite colors are green and black.

  21. I have been known to frighten small children by my mere presence.

  22. I am often happiest asleep.

  23. I do not like being approached by strangers.

  24. I insist that the world is logical, though not necessarily understandable.

  25. I find 70's clothing universally, unspeakably ugly.

  26. I have stopped saying "Sorry" when solicited for spare change, because I'm not.

  27. I fall in love rarely and deeply. Reciprocity has yet to visit me, here.

  28. I am an inveterate eavesdropper.

  29. I am not, and have no desire to become licensed to drive an automobile.

  30. I used to be a lifeguard, until I rescued someone and realized I never wanted to be that close to a stranger again.

  31. I have premonitions that come true.

  32. I am rarely willing to suffer for fashion.

  33. I think men should keep their opinions on abortion to themselves, unless and until they are willing to carry the child to term themselves. [The fertilized egg makes the placenta, and is just as happy to implant in the omentum of the abdomen as the uterus, ala ectopic pregnancy. Delivery would have to be c-section, of course.]

  34. I've never had a 'best friend' in the classic sense.

  35. I am given to glossolalia in my sleep. Also story-telling, and leg-thumping.

  36. I was born with a congenital hip defect that required me to wear a brace for several years, during which time I learned to walk. To this day I stand on one foot to reach for something.

  37. My first conscious memory is of watching Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, on our big console TV. I was just shy of three; the screen was at eye level.

  38. Very few people have seen me angry. Irritated, yes. Annoyed, yes. Upset, yes.

  39. I have a seemingly inexhaustible wellspring of bitterness regarding the philosophical circumstances of my upbringing.

  40. I have always liked the rain, but have only recently learned to like the sun.

  41. My hair is naturally curly.

  42. I am comforted immensely by the fact that the earth will abide, whether or not humans do.

  43. I am pro-'manned' exploration of space - but remote exploration is better than nothing.

  44. I think people who desire power are the last people who should be allowed to wield it. I also think humans have trouble governing themselves in groups larger than 30.

  45. For years I was afraid to live by myself. Now it would take fairly special circumstances to convince me to room with someone else.

  46. I can be extremely long-suffering, but when my patience is gone, it's gone.

  47. Taoism crossed with animism is the closest thing to describing my admittedly idiosyncratic religious beliefs.

  48. I have a tendency to ooze poetry.

  49. I am frighteningly arrogent about my intellect.

  50. Firemaking and tending is one of my most underutilized talents.


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