Joy (cithra) wrote,

ah, fortress America

Well, apparently it will be a long time before I visit Canada again, especially if they decide they need to be reciprocal. No, I don't have a passport, and shenanigans like this make me that much less inclined to get one. I'm deeply disappointed that the ass-hattery has gone this far.

Maybe you need to pair this story with the RFID chipped "smart" passports story to get as annoyed as I am with this. Or maybe I've watched too many old WWII movies with SS demanding "Papers!" of the people on the street.

Of course, with the chips, nobody actually has to get in your face and demand anything - they'll just pull up in their nondescript panel van and cart you off, if you're deficient in your duty to identify yourself. (Of course I'm paranoid. I'd be crazy not to be.)

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