Joy (cithra) wrote,

unintended side effect?

It's hard to be cranky with a cat on your head. I wore my cat-hat this morning because I couldn't find my beret, and people's reactions were amusing enough that it broke through my normal morning glower of don't talk to me until after 10 a.m. when my brain has woken up.

For example, one of the guards on the way in said it had been a long time since he'd seen Felix the Cat. After which I realized something strange - when ever I try to remember the FtC theme song, I get as far as Felix the Cat, the wonderful wonderful cat and then invariably segue into a bastardization of a Wizard of Oz song: we hear he is a wonderful cat if ever a cat there was; if ever a wonderful cat there was, then Felix the Cat is one because.... I can't remember the rest of the actual Felix the Cat song, alas.

My hat looks little like Felix to me - he was a tuxedo cat as I remember, and my hat is all-black. Though if I can't get the song right there's no guarantee I'm getting the color right either, I suppose...

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