Joy (cithra) wrote,

the return of the wildlife

Ah spring, when the world burgeons with fecundity! Birds in the rafters, cats whining at the doorways, and when I drop one of my vitamins on the floor and fail to pick it up, ants. Keep your henges and your star-stuff; I know spring is here when it's dragged in by the critters.

In the torn-between-irksome-and-cool category, uly was telling me about the time the ants made a trail from one end of the house to the other, having discovered a plant in one of the windows. They were putting aphids on it.

At least they are not carpenter ants - in fact they apparently are inimical to carpenter ants, so that's something. Mostly they come for the cat food - although we recently switched brands. We'll see if they find it still to their taste; the cats have been less than impressed, certainly, though healthier.

It's practice living in harmony with nature, that's it. Although I am much happier living in this sort of harmony with nature now someone has invented the Ziploc bag.

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