Joy (cithra) wrote,

the icy hand of demographics

Got word today Andre Norton has passed away. One of my favorite early authors, my grade school had five or six of her novels I read over and over again. Iron Cage was my favorite. Oddly enough I never read any of the 'Witch World' novels; couldn't tell you why, other than perhaps being unable to figure out or find which was the first one in the series, and being overly anal about reading series in order. But I think I read most of her other works.

As an aside, it would probably be entertaining (if largely impossible) to pull my old library records and see how they compare with what I remember reading. I have no idea how long libraries keep circulation records, and anyway this was well before bar-codes, online databases, or any real effort to associate circulation with particular patrons (beyond keeping track of overdue items) rather than with materials - at least in the small backwater libraries I was frequenting.

This is the penumbra of the boomers in the obits, I'm afraid.

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