Joy (cithra) wrote,

Glengarry on timeshare

One of my coworkers went to Mexico last week, and he was telling me about a presentation he sat through on time-share property membership (the hotel he stayed at was part regular hotel and part time-share, apparently).

I asked him afterward if he'd ever seen Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross, and I wasn't surprised to hear he had not. His entire description of the process - the pressure, the guilt trips, the being handed off from 'supervisor' to 'supervisor' - could have been a pitch for the re-visioned remake of GGG set in sunny Puerto Vallarta.

Why did he torture himself for three hours thusly? For free breakfast and a 20% discount coupon he could use on the rest of his hotel meals over the next three days.

Discounts are nice, but three hours of my time is worth considerably more than any premium sitting thru a sales pitch could ever offer me. It's ok though - there are a number of things I do with my recreational time that he finds just as weird and pointless. heh.

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