Joy (cithra) wrote,

my toaster just tried to kill me

Not, thankfully, in a Bill Sienkiewicz, Stray Toasters kind of way - or I wouldn't be here to tell the tale. Theoretically they were wandering around the complex yesterday testing fire alarms - I can't but think that they haven't' gotten to my apartment yet, as I got out of the shower to the delicate scent of burnt bread, to find a swath of smoke hanging in its own mini-inversion layer in the kitchen. I can't decide whether to be thankful that I don't have a smoke alarm that is ultra-sensitive and goes off whenever I boil water, or concerned that the system isn't working. It was merely burnt toast, after all - and the toaster had shut itself off rather than burst into flames, so perhaps I should retract my accusation. But "my toaster just tried to kill me" sounds so much more interesting...

While I was wandering around trying to find a good link for Stray Toasters I came across this: Michigan State University Libraries Comic Art Collection Reading Room Index, and I thought "cool!" It's just the index, but the fact that such a collection exists warms my heart.

Full day today: the usual work grind, then dentist for pre-crown work at 3:45 p.m. - no idea how long that will take, but afterward I'll probably go up to Aurafice for some caffeine to help clear the anesthetic out of my system, then at 9:30 p.m. I'm off to the Egyptian for Asoka the Great. I embrace my insomnia! Bwa-ha!

At some point in the future I'll probably natter on some about When Clones Attack - I mean Attack of the Clones. I'm still digesting - by which I mean sorting out objective impressions from subjective desires, etc. What would I have thought of it had I never encountered the hype; how would I have liked it as simply a SF/Fantasy epic if the original Star Wars hadn't been such a defining moment in my childhood love of the genre. Pretty pretty ships, though - and some of the grand battle scenes with the smoke and the winking lightsabres were very stirring. I really liked the clone-maker aliens, too.

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