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notes from above ground - Terrafactive Armageddon

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March 13th, 2005

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09:48 am - notes from above ground
I successfully acquired cat-food yesterday, much to the relief of all. No vacuum cleaner, though.

On the other hand, when taking out the trash I became infuriated at the marauding evergreen bush that, in concert with the rhododendron had gradually made the side stairs nigh impassable. Impassable for Joy + large trash bag, certainly, and on rainy days (far too few of which we have had of late) impassible should one not be wearing hip-waders.

Because I am a creature of impulse (stop laughing) I took this fury as a Sign, and hunted up the hedge clippers, and proceeded to beat back the rapacious foliage. The downside of all this hacking and chopping (I enjoy a good hacking and chopping session now and then, I'm not a gamer for nothing) was that since I'm not in the best of shape, this morning finds me a trifle creakier than usual, even. However, it's nothing unmanageable, as I finished and stopped before doing myself any actual damage.

But! the steps are clear. All I have to do now is figure out what to do with the clippings. Clippings makes them sound so innocuous, too. There's quite the mess of them, for one thing, and it's all long branchy evergreen hedge-plant (nope, don't know what kind of evergreen it is, yet) so without a good deal MORE chopping and hacking it isn't going to bag up nicely. In an ideal world the Mulch Fairy would send someone along who would say "ah, Joy, since you chopped all this down, I'll round it up and haul it off." I think I can at least chivy it down the hill to a place that will make a decent semi-temporary brush pile.

See, that's the kind of chore I don't mind - something you get immediate visible results from. Voila! Steps! Ok, it also helps that unlike dishes, tomorrow is not likely to bring me branch-clogged steps again, no matter how rapacious I accuse the plants of being. Dishes suck because there are always MORE, if not right away then certain within a day or so.

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