Joy (cithra) wrote,

why I think even the most execrable "blogs" are a good idea

Mike at the Corpuscle pretty much lays it out as I would: the more you write, the better you get at writing. Even if all you are writing is "oh woe, my love life sucks, I hate my job, my cat just had kittens" banal day-to-day stuff, odds are your writing skills will improve.

He focuses on getting past the "bullshit the teacher" phase, into the "thinking on paper" phase, and he's talking about an academic setting, but the core truth is the same. The practice leads to improvement.

Also, learning to think on paper involves learning to think, at least to some degree. That is definitely something that needs to be encouraged. And doing - creating, participating, making something are things I would encourage, too.

Ok, the person I stole this soap-box from can go back to doing their laundry now.

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