Joy (cithra) wrote,


Time stamp weirdness - it was not 6 pm yesterday when I posted about being up at 2:30, but 2:30 earlier this morning.

Mission number 1 this morning: buy cat food. Mission number 2: find/buy some kind of razor-comb thing to combat cat-matts. I know the sort of thing I'm looking for - the Vermont Country Store people used to sell it, but apparently the last one they had sold while I was dithering around trying to buy it - I did search A and found the item, but ran out of time before work, then tried again on break at work doing search B only to find that it was "no longer available". grump. I've seen similar incarnations elsewhere though, so I have not lost hope. I'm planning to look at the pet shop, they usually have all sorts of unusual and specialized grooming implements available.

Mission number 3 being the cat-dematting, we will skip to possible mission number 4 which is finding a small, light, industrial strength vacuum or something like. I've apparently managed to burn out the little Dirt Devil I bought a while back between cat hair, cat litter and cat-food krunchie-fragments. Hardwood floors look better and better to me all the time... ah for the days of just needing to sweep.

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