Joy (cithra) wrote,

random minutia

  • Broke a tooth yesterday. Dentist appointment at 7 a.m. I have no idea what they'll decide to do with it - it's a tooth that was already filled, and was cracked as a legacy of grad school. Exacerbated by the ups and downs of my work life; felled by trail mix.

  • Kennewick Man was a little raw, but fairly even-handed. Very interesting to see an erstwhile colleague (heh, he'd have a fit if he knew I so labeled myself) under fire. Speaking of grad school, I must write an email to the archeologists in my cohort - we prophesied that arrogance was likely to come back and bite the principal long before these particular bones were ever pulled out of the mud. The one thing that stood out but didn't ever get mentioned was that if the dating procedure the Umatilla were so up in arms about hadn't been carried out, the bones would have probably continued to be identified as 'random euro-decent settler', leaving them squarely outside NAGRA's scope. It was only after the radiocarbon date indicated their great age that the notion of the remains being Native American was even raised.

  • I am a tolerant person, but I'm getting close to the edge with the techno-mad neighbors. Trying to formulate the best plan of communication, but the insomnia has damaged my ability to sleep through anything. They seem to be locked on to C89.5 - perhaps I should start calling in and requesting songs with a lighter back-beat. I hate feeling like this...

  • Can't sleep. If I could guarantee that I would, in fact, be eaten by clowns upon slumber, I'd go for it. As it were, I'll just sit here and stew in my own personal re-creation of Poe.

Time to lie down until the twitching starts again...

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