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Well, I haven't done anything I intended to do when I got home… - Terrafactive Armageddon

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February 26th, 2005

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05:03 pm
Well, I haven't done anything I intended to do when I got home earlier, but so what. No, that's a lie, I finished my editorial.

There's an inside/outside dichotomy that I run into occasionally when dealing on a professional basis with Names, or famous people, or personal idols. I'm good at treating the interaction normally, at treating People like people - that's not it. It's at other times when I suddenly slip sideways into fangirl space, mentally, and think holy crap, I'm working with Name! or something similar. It happened more than once while I worked on Vikingcon; I expect it to happen again with IROSF.

In some ways it's good. It keeps the hubris down, for one thing, or at least trims it back a bit.
Current Music: The Lacemaker - Blood - This Mortal Coil

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