Joy (cithra) wrote,

adventures in roasting

Having plowed through the delicious coffee grouchychris brought us back from the coast, it was time to get roasting again.

I got bold and experimental. I put together the tag ends of some Sumatra (27 g) and some Timor (43g) and added some Aged Sumatra (70 g). Then I did a load of Yemen Moka Islami, a relative of Arabian Mocha Sanani - tiny little coffee beans, huge pieces of chaff with an amazing tendency to fly up my nose. Put the two together and you have Arabian Mocha Java! or, um, something like Arabian Mocha Java if you didn't have any Java. And substituted Islami for Sanani. Whatever.

The Islami was actually kind of exciting - between the small dense beans and the plentiful chaff fragments, there were some early moments when the roaster was smoking. Only a little - it just meant I had to get in there and agitate the beans faster until they dried out and lightened up enough to circulate by themselves. It wasn't like there was a fire or anything. I've never been at a roaster fire...

So, there is coffee.

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