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brr... but amazing - Terrafactive Armageddon

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February 18th, 2005

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10:38 pm - brr... but amazing
Last night and tonight, getting home around 7 p.m. has had Orion looking down on the hill here from a sky clear enough to bite. I could see the color variation in the stars; I could see all the stars of the belt and scabbard. I've always thought it looked more like an hourglass than a person - an hourglass named Orion, no doubts there - but an hourglass nevertheless. The scabbard and the belt are the sand, you see, or the outline thereof.

Orion has always been my buddy. I used to talk to him (and the Moon) back when I thought there weren't any humans I could talk to about how I felt. I used to talk to him still, in the early early hours of the morning walking back up the hill from High Street House to my dorm room, to slip in and catch a couple of hours sleep before my roommate got up at (ye gods) 5 a.m.

Orion Osirus Saturn Odin o wow o wow we are howling at the sky, we social primates down on the frozen ground, we talk to anyone who will stand still, or even just move slowly.

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