Joy (cithra) wrote,

progress, perhaps

Other than the "ouch! but how apropos..." moment yesterday morning, Valentines day (screw the apostrophe, my CMS is upstairs) for once pretty much was just another day for me. I kept seeing decorations etc. and being reminded oh, right - that's today.

I suppose in a sense I've come to embrace being an introvert, with the concomitant realization that the net energy expenditure required to construct/maintain/"find" a relationship in the usual fashion isn't a cost I'm interested in spending. [By "the usual fashion" I mean the standard suite of advised actions like getting out and meeting people, being more overtly friendly and approachable, chatting people up, etc.]

No relationship I have is going to be 'normal' in any case, simply because I'm not. So it's pointless to apply normative standards to the situation - it would be like trying to measure mass in days, say. Difficult, not terribly informative, and prone to false negatives.

So (for the moment at least) I have relinquished my determination that the universe is unable to surprise me. I still keep an eyebrow cocked at it, nevertheless.

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