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returning to the world of words - Terrafactive Armageddon

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February 12th, 2005

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09:05 am - returning to the world of words
Had a fine time last night attending the Seattle Chamber Players concert Musique Captive with breathejoy. She was laughing at me as I tried fretfully to remember why several of the musicians looked familiar to me - we concluded I'd lived in the same neighborhood as one and seen the other perform in another ensemble.

The pieces I liked, I really enjoyed - but the ones I didn't care for, I'm out of practice appreciating such things from a critical standpoint, let's say. Strangely enough I also found myself being distracted by several of the players' physical movements while playing. I'm not sure what to call it - gestural style? stance? tics? (the last is overly snarky, I know). It was frustrating because the playing in all cases was stellar.

My favorite two pieces were complete opposites. The first was the solo flute Circumambulaton by Yan Maresz, performed by Paul Taub. It's hard to describe, sort of a metronomic ostinato around which various flourishes were woven - easy enough to do with two people, but amazingly virtuoso when one person is responsible for both lines of music. Both impressive and listen-able.

The second was the main ensemble piece, for which they had a number of addtional musicians and instruments joining - Marc-Andre Dalbavie's Sextine Cyclus for soprano, flute, clarinet, piano, harp, percussion and string quintet. Based on a number of medieval airs, so of course I liked it.

It was delightful to spend the evening with breathejoy as well, whom I don't see often in person. Definitely on the list of "must do again," and thank you once more for inviting me along! I never realize how much I miss that world until I'm in it.

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