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time to stop being overly modest

I have had the pleasure of accepting the Editor in Chief position at the Internet Review of Science Fiction.

In some ways I'm a little overwhelmed at my good fortune; in others I often simply forget that sharing good news is not the same thing as gloating. Mostly I'm excited at the prospect of something that will be hard work and fun.

So go check it out! I didn't do any work on the latest issue, even though my name is on the masthead - but I wouldn't be so tickled to be involved if I didn't already think it was a high quality operation. Think about polishing up and turning your latest SF rant into a proper critique - we're a paying market with a growing readership!

Sadly, no bonus points for knowing the E-i-C are available, unless you count being able to buttonhole an actual acquaintance to say Hey, what black hole did the manuscript I sent you fall into, anyway?

So that's where I will be, if I suddenly seem scarce elsewhere places. Feel free to follow!

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