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random minutia rides again - Terrafactive Armageddon

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January 21st, 2005

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06:14 am - random minutia rides again
Roasted a couple of loads of Ethiopian Harar last night that turned out splendidly. Nice body, with lovely lingering creamy notes of flavor. I'm sure uly has better descriptive terms, but we both just stood in the kitchen last night saying mmmmmmmm when I pulled a test shot. First time I'd worked with any Ethiopian varietal I believe. The label on the green coffee bag seems to indicate that this lot, or this coffee, or something about it bears the nickname "Horse". [Mr. grouchychris, you can keep your addict quips to yourself, please.] I'm curious.

Got my W-2 in the mail, so I suppose it's time to go online and round up the rest of my documentation and start doing the taxes. I'd have gotten the W-2 online as well - I've been checking the NFC site and they were due to be posted this week - but the paper version beat the electronic one, for once. I used to have a pretty good idea of whether or not I'd estimated my withholding correctly, but anymore there are so many things paid for out of "pre-tax" dollars that I'm never really sure whether I'm going to have to write a check or get one.

Friday, hurrah!

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